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Cruel Embroidery: The Art of Political Caricature In Thread

This is:20181123_180732

A) The beginning of a satirical portrait of one Donald Trump, by the grace of some perverse deity President.

B) The most elaborate procrastination I have yet divised for avoiding writing.

C) An abomination that should be fed to a dumpster fire.

D) All of the above.

I said I wished I was kidding about doing a Bayeux Tapestry satire of American politics…the above shows why I should have been kidding.

Medium: Dark Rosewood DMC embroidery thread on linen of Ultra- Jaundice Orange (all right, maybe that’s not that color’s real name, but it could be).

I worry that the embroidery thread medium’s too flattering to the subject – as witness my original design:20181123_180838

Note my blood at the extreme right of this picture, demonstrating that I really suffer for my art (as if the preceding pictures hadn’t made that clear).


I categorically deny that I used those bloodstains to cast a potent hex on the man depicted.